Arifuddin AliBorn in a remote village that village Talumae Sidrap region, in 1954, Sidrap is a district in South Sulawesi province bordering Enrekan district in the North East District Soppeng, Wajo in the South, as well as the City of Pare-Pare on the west . District Sidenreng Rappang (abbreviated as Sidrap). The capital of the district is located in Pangkajenne Sidenreng. The district has an area of ​​2506.19 km2. Native of this area is the Bugis who obediently serve and uphold the tradition of mutual respect and mutual help. Rappang Sidenreng District is also one of the rice production centers in South Sulawesi. This is mainly supported by a network of technical irrigation can irrigate rice fields throughout the year. Some of the existing irrigation networks Sidenreng Rappang include: Irrigation Fur Cenrana, irrigate 6000 hectares of rice fields, irrigation network If, irrigate 5400 hectares of rice fields and irrigation networks Fur Timoreng, irrigate 5400 hectares of rice fields.

In 1958 my parents go Security Forces Folk (TKR) today TNI. So our family died and moved kekota village, from one city to the other is still in South Sulawesi.


Primary School graduating in 1967 in Padang Lampe SD Negri Pangkep District of South Sulawesi. Then go to junior Negri 1 Segeri Pangkep Sulawesi and graduated in 1970. To continue further education to Makassar in South Sulawesi capital of Makassar and graduated high school 4 1973. After graduating high school I was unemployed school in one (1) year for failing the entrance test at the military academy to police of 254 applicants received only 2 people. In the void I migrated to East Kalimantan Nunukan for about 10 months. And enter new student enrollment in 1975 I kemaba; I to Makassar register UNHAS, God bless you pass the test and be accepted the student in the Faculty of STIR even though this is only the second option, the first option is the Faculty of Engineering. Entering the second year in the Faculty sospo UNHAS final or finished my third semester vacation Nunukan eastern Kalimantan. In Nunukan I see children affected nomads successful, eventually the money given by my brother for my college life I use to open a business, since my college terputuslah.


Two years later my business pioneered and elaborated disaster hit, caught fire when a new market is engulfed in the flames. Began to arise in the hearts of regret but what else can I say wet kupertahnkan already abysmal living and doing business in Nunukan. Traversed bitter tried here and there and sometimes erratic mencadi passenger ticket brokers, sellers and other street dollars and finally in 1985 with a capital that not too many desperate to buy a ship made of wood (KM.Senang Heart) with system of payment in installments. Routes taken is Nunukan – Pare-Pare went home to load passengers and goods, this work I elaborated subs 5 (five) years.

With the inclusion of the 1990 KM Nunukan Kerinci, I sell the ship and switched professions and became head of the company founded (PT Alfira Jaya Indah). Even this did not last long only 2 (years) years since the regulations or rules that require companies engaged in the delivery of Labor to the State shall mendepsito some money in the bank designated by the Secretary of Labor on behalf of the Minister, a large number cuku by ukuram we. And to my friend next to intermediary companies PT.Surabaya get Yudha Primary and based in Surabaya appointed as Chief Representative in Nunukan. This I wrestled for 12 (twelve) years from 1992 to 2004.

Makes recommendations on party

In 2000 after the fall of the New Order government, emerging new political parties. I visited a friend and offered to go join one of the existing parties in Nunukan, with a little prodding from friends and after a few days my judgment, I accepted the offer to join and become a member of the National Mandate Party District and soon Nunukan designated and agreed upon by friends to become chairman of the National Mandate Party DPC Nunukan district. In the same year ie 2000, these meetings are held the first Regional KNPI halls and with the support of my friends was believed to lead or become Chairman of the Council of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Nunukan for the period 2000 to 2005. The next period is from 2005 to 2010. Unanimously friends are still entrusted to me for the party bearing captain sun for 5 (five) years .. Unfortunately at the end of the period of my stewardship in 2010 betrayet by my friend with the political conspiracy to topple me from the post of party chairman. And they worked I get the sack from the presidency by PAN Regional Leadership Council of East Kalimantan temporarily replaced by DPW officials before being taken over by them. I just realized as happy talk and believe in people that do not belong to a party that does not want to hurt, regardless of whether it be friends, relatives slashed important political objectives achieved.

Members of Parliament

Originally Nunukan district capital is the capital of the district after the issuance of Law No. 47 Year 1999 on the establishment of Nunukan Malinau District, East Kutai regency, West Kutai Regency and Bontang on October 4, 1999. which is the expansion of Bulungan. On December 28, 1999 the date appointed 20 members of parliament consisting of 11 people Golkar, PDIP 4 people, 2 people PPP, PAN 1 person, and army / police two people. From my chance PAN mandated by your garden to represent the PAN party in the legislature for a period of 4 years (2000-2004). And in the 2004 election is still believed to sit back in the agency for a second time (2004-2009). In the 2009 election because the party rules do not allow members to sit in the legislature three times in a row in one area, then I no longer run in the district, I have to jump one level based on the rule that the party in the provincial parliament in Samarindah. But in this case I have not been successful.


In 2006 the election was held the first time in selected directly by the people. PAN and PDIP coalition to carry 1 (one) pair in the candidate and I believe by colleagues in the party to be a candidate Waki ​​district overeager mendampangi Ir. Jacob. Candidates of the PDIP. To stand as a candidate for vice regent and Nunukan buapti period 2006 – 2011dalam Nunukan election. However luck not siding with us and still won by the incumbent.

Election 2011 there was chaos and betrayal in the party that I lead, so I originally wanted to go pairs with Kashmir Democratic Party chairman Mr. Fores, who is also the incumbent deputy regent was not so advanced is because both parties (PAN and Democrats) who want to we use is taken by the Crescent Star Party candidate to strengthen pengusungannya, which ultimately stopped me from party leaders for not agree and sign a letter pencalon selected or mandated by the Regional Chairman of the Party. In the event the member of the National Mandate Party Nunukan scattered and not integrated in the election of 2011. At this stage of the counting of votes in the election, the Election Commission memetuskan candidate of another party partner (Golkar, PKS and Grindra) party which won the battle of democracy.

Currently, when I wrote my short story, I am no longer active in the party and other organizations. It’s pretty much a new experience I have gained during my ten years leading the party, and nine years as a member of parliament, not to mention the social organizations that I lead. For a while, I come home mengeluti original work.



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